Conference to tackle incidentaloma challenge
The Institute for Advanced Medical Education (IAME) is hosting a symposium "Managing the Incidentaloma," which is geared to radiologists, and will explore the most common incidental findings physicians make.

Set to take place in Las Vegas April 20-21, the faculty includes members of the American College of Radiology Incidental Findings Committee and will discuss the most common incidentalomas encountered during interpretation of thoraco-abdominal CT and MR.

The rapidly growing capabilities of diagnostic imaging equipment are increasing the occurrence of incidental findings and present many clinical and medicolegal challenges for the physician, not to mention patient.

"Managing the Incidentaloma" is an opportunity for radiologists to better understand ways to navigate this conundrum, IAME said. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore the most common incidentalomas through lectures, medicolegal discussions and case-based reviews.