Connecticut women?s health center installs CoActiv imaging systems
Candlewood Center for Women’s Health in Danbury, Conn., has installed CoActiv’s digital image communications system to enable rapid offsite reading of its Hologic digital mammography exams.

Previously, with the analog system, Candlewood printed films and relied on couriers to transport them to and from the offices of its offsite radiology reading group, Northeast Radiology in Brewster, NY. 

“The system had to enable rapid access to large digital mammography files for Northeast’s multiple offices in both New York and Connecticut,” according to Amy Kohn, practice manager for Northeast Radiology, which was closely involved in the workflow and infrastructure installation. 

The Ridgefield, Conn.-based CoActiv said it customized a system that met Candlewood’s objectives, allowing files to be sent to Northeast’s offices. CoActiv’s teleradiology system provided flexible image access to ensure prompt exam turn around, according to the company.

Digital files are sent from Candlewood’s Hologic modality to an innovative onsite CoActiv Acquire & Forward Server, the company said. The server provides automatic and secure data communications over the internet directly to a CoActiv Exam-PACS server at Northeast’s main location.

Also, CoActiv said that all images are saved to its Exam-Vault Quad-Redundant Archiving in four distinct instances for fail-proof disaster recovery and business continuity.