Contracts for Digi-Data, Elekta, NovaRad
Digi-Data Corporation announced its storage solution for the Southeast Alabama Medical Center, the scalable T-2000 controller installed by LH Computer Services. The Medical Center previously used tape technology to back up its 40-plus terabytes of managed data, which took an entire day to recover on the facility’s servers.

LH Computer Services rectified that situation by installing a dual Digi-Data T-2000 controller with a 48-bay Serial ATA drive enclosure, and delivering high-capacity, high-performance storage over Just a Bunch of Disks (JBOD) arrays. The T-2000, scaleable to support up to 840 drives per cluster with a small 1u footprint, is designed for secondary storage, fixed content and utility storage.

The Digi-Data solution allows the medical center to store one set of data on tape and the other on the Digi-Data disk array loaded with 22 TB of data. The Digi-Data storage is attached to a secondary IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server (TSM), configured as a remote pool. The TSM replicates the entire contents of the medical center’s primary TSM server each day. Using this new disk-based system along with TSM, the recovery of servers is now less than two hours—a 75 percent time savings.

“We are now able to go back to point-in-time recovery within 14 days and we are looking to expand it to 30-35 days,” says Clyde Williams, infrastructure systems manager for Southeast Alabama Medical Center.

Elekta announced an order for its Leksell Gamma Knife Perfexion, an advanced system ever for non-invasive radiosurgery of brain disorders, from Centro Gamma Knife Radiocirurgia S.A. This first Gamma Knife Center in Portugal will be established at Hospital CUF Infante Santo, a part of the Jose Mello-Saude Group. Centro Gamma Knife Radiocirurgia S.A. (CGKR) is a private initiative, established with the aim to bring this non-invasive, innovative technology to patients in Portugal. Leksell Gamma Knife Perfexion, scheduled to be in clinical operation by early fall 2007, will be installed in a new Gamma Knife Center that will be managed by CGKR together with Hospital CUF Infante Santo in Lisbon.

NovaRad announced that three Kentucky hospitals have recently settled contracts for its NovaPACS. The facilities are all owned by LifePoint Hospitals, a large hospital company focused on non-urban healthcare. They include: 106-bed Jackson Purchase Medical Center in Mayfield; 101-bed Meadowview Regional Hospital in Maysville; and 75-bed Spring View Hospital in Lebanon.