Contracts: German Schwetzingen Hospital deploys Matrox technology
German Schwetzingen Hospital has deployed Matrox EXTIO Remote Graphics Unit with its operating rooms (ORs) which are equipped with special OR PCs connected to the hospital’s network via wireless LAN. The doctors of Schwetzingen Hospital requested that up to three certified medical displays (with landscape/pivot abilities) be installed in each OR, and the systems be connected to emergency backup power. Doctors need high quality images in the OR from the PCs in the adjacent room, without any loss of image quality.

System administrators at the facility tested the EXTIO Remote Graphics Unit (RGU) and realized the advantages of deploying the technology. The EXTIO RGU fulfilled two key elements – a) the need to use a standard PC with a backup system power in an adjacent room, and b) to send the keyboards, mouse and multiple video signals into the OR in an efficient and clean manner.

The tool enables the extension of up to four displays, and up to six USB ports for devices such as keyboard and mouse to be located away from the PC by a single fiber-optic cable which can be up to 250 meters. Fiber-optic cable technology ensures all signals are isolated from any magnetic or electrical interference while providing the highest fidelity and the utmost image quality, for the staff.