D.C. RHIO chooses Microsoft Amalga for healthcare data exchange
A newly formed District of Columbia Regional Health Information Organization (D.C. RHIO) will use Microsoft Amalga to allow the sharing of data among local hospitals and six community-based health centers.

“The sharing of medical information among D.C. health centers and local hospitals is uncommon,” said Sharon Baskerville, CEO of the District of Columbia Primary Care Association (DCPCA). “Using Amalga to aggregate and share clinical data, we will break down the barriers, enabling these providers to improve clinical decision-making, minimize redundant work, reduce costs, and most important, provide higher quality care to the neediest in our communities.” The DCPCA is the governing body of the D.C. RHIO.

The D.C. RHIO will connect six health centers across 21 locations and two hospitals—Georgetown University Hospital and Washington Hospital Center—with the purpose of improving the quality and accessibility of healthcare for the underserved, Microsoft said. The six health centers are Bread for the City, Family and Medical Counseling Service, La Clinica del Pueblo, Mary’s Center for Maternal and Child Care, So Others Might Eat and the Whitman-Walker Clinic.

Implementing Amalga will give physicians at Georgetown and Washington Hospital real-time viewing of up-to-date patient information stored in systems of the RHIO-affiliated health centers, according to Microsoft. The company said that the capability will allow DCPCA to help achieve its RHIO goals, including improving chronic disease management; quality monitoring and research ability; minimizing duplicative work; reducing costs; evaluating ongoing critical health indicators; and giving patients security-enhanced online access to their health information.