Diagnostic accuracy program cuts unnecessary ER use
MedSolutions’ Premerus Diagnostic Accuracy program, which employs technology to steer imaging studies to the appropriate specialist, has helped a health plan reduce unnecessary ER use, hospitalizations, surgeries, medications and treatment.

According to Corporate Research Group and MedSolutions, implementation of Premerus helped the health plan reduce ER use of services by over 50 percent, shorten hospital length of stay by 1.4 days and decrease unnecessary biopsies and surgeries by 35 percent. The payor also reduced total healthcare claims by 7.6 percent, saving more than $5 per member, per month, MedSolutions reported.

"Premerus is founded on the premise that an accurate diagnosis can do more to improve quality of care and reduce cost than any other intervention," offered Norman A. Scarborough, MD, vice president and senior medical director of Franklin, Tenn.-based MedSolutions, a radioloigy benefits management (RBM) provider.