Diversinet helps U.S. Army communicate with veterans
Mobile healthcare communications company Diversinet has been awarded a five-year contract to support expansion of the U.S. Army’s mCare telehealth-outreach program for members of the military recovering from mild traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and other wounds.

The agreement follows a one-year pilot study and is expected to generate first-year revenues of more than $390,000, according to the Toronto-based company.

The Army is upgrading its Diversinet’s MobiSecure Health platform license, with Diversinet providing development, maintenance and consulting services. The company said it will help the Army track the progress of as many as 10,000 “wounded warriors,” who return home or to community-based transition units following initial recuperation in military medical facilities.

The mCare program features a downloadable, HIPAA-compliant mobile application that enables daily two-way secure communication between patients and the Army’s healthcare team. The application allows users store healthcare information on their mobile phones, and securely send and receive healthcare-related messages.

These messages, transmitted via the MobiSecure Health platform, help “wounded warriors” schedule medical appointments, as well as provide follow-up appointment reminders, health and wellness tips, recovery goals and general announcements distributed from a central website, according to Diversinet. Patients’ reply messages enable care teams to monitor and track body weight, mood, energy, sleep patterns, physical pain, relationships, anger management and a sense of well-being.

Under the contract, Diversinet will ramp up mobile health communications services using:
  • MobiSecure Wallet and Vault: The Wallet mobile application facilitates two-way communication, enabling personal information to be stored and accessed on mobile devices. MobiSecure Vault acts as the back-end server that supports the Wallet and connects to third-party applications.
  • MobiSecure SMS: This product, which the Army is the first to license, will be added to mCare to enable the mCare team to exchange sensitive information instantly with "wounded warriors." It will support secure two-way text-based messaging on mobile devices for soldiers with limited or no cellphone resources.