Eclipsys helps cut the chord at Sentara

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Physicians at Sentara Healthcare of Norfolk, Va., are using hand-held wireless devices from Eclipsys Corp. to securely access critical clinical data at a patient's bedside, on clinical rounds or outside the hospital.
Eclipsys' Pocket Sunrise system will allow Sentara physicians and clinicians to maintain real-time access to patient lists and view current patient information such as test and lab results or medications administered. They also can sign orders electronically, Eclipsys said.     
Sentara, which operates six hospitals, completed activation of Pocket Sunrise at two clinical sites in February. During the three-month implementation phase, Sentara implemented a public network across its enterprise-wide wireless network to provide its physicians with secure, remote access to the hospital's clinical information system, Eclipsys said.
Physicians received their Pocket Sunrise devices during a training session held at each of the two hospitals. Within the first week of activation, 94 physicians were actively using Pocket Sunrise to retrieve patient data.
Sentara plans to upgrade the wireless infrastructure at its remaining four healthcare facilities by June 2005, Eclipsys said.