Finish health agency chooses EMC for patient record archives
The Social Insurance Institution of Finland has selected an EMC information infrastructure solution to build a centralized national patient record archives to keep the digital information protected, secure and continuously available.

The new KanTa archiving system, valued at approximately $31.4 million U.S. (€20 million), will serve as many as 300,000 professionals within the Finnish public healthcare and pharmacies, as well as private medical clinics, EMC. 

Throughout 2008, the company said its system will provide an electronic prescription service, followed by the completion of a patient record and image archive in 2009.
The end-to-end architecture consisting of EMC Documentum, EMC Symmetrix and EMC Centera provides information management solutions, including content management, storage and archiving, in an architecture designed to support large data volumes, according to the Hopkinton, Mass.-based company.

EMC said its EMC Documentum platform will manage content on the eHealth system, and patient and prescription data will be stored on several Symmetrix storage systems and archived on Centera content addressed storage systems.