Healthcare CEOs map out their view of the future
CEOs are using federal and market reform as a catalyst to work through what remains to “fix 99 percent of the dumb stuff we’ve done,” according to a report from consulting group Huron Healthcare.

The Chicago-headquartered firm discussed the topic with 17 healthcare CEOs who attended Huron Healthcare's annual CEO Forum. Drawing on their diverse experiences, CEO attendees shared their visions for the future of the industry as well as the challenges they face.

“Despite the pronounced variability in visions, methods and timing for moving their organization forward, CEO attendees agreed: strong leadership will be essential to guide healthcare organizations through this time of deep uncertainty and tumultuous change,” the report noted.

The key opportunities and challenges on CEOs’ minds this year were:
  • Moving from volume to value: Making the new healthcare business model a reality;
  • Changing the care delivery model: Re-imagining the who, what, when, where and how of delivering care;
  • Physician relationships: Imperatives for achieving alignment; and
  • Cost containment: Coping with significantly reduced reimbursement rates.
“The prevailing mood among CEOs was one of renewed determination and resolve in their efforts to transform healthcare delivery at their organizations to the benefit of the communities they serve — and the country as a whole,” the report concluded.