Heartland taps Voalt to consolidate mobile infrastructure
Heartland Regional Medical Center has implemented Voalté’s iPhone integration technology, putting disparate hospital communication systems onto a single platform.

Voalté streamlines communications among more than 3,200 caregivers at the St. Joseph, Mo.-based not-for-profit integrated health system, which serves communities in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa, the Sarasota, Fla., company stated.

Voalté technology integrates Heartland’s Siemens PBX, GE Dukane nurse call system and Cerner admission-discharge-transfer alarms through Philips’ Emergin Enterprise Service Bus over the hospital’s Cisco wireless network. This enables clinicians to make high-definition voice-over-IP calls, receive critical alarms and send and receive presence-based text messages on a single device—their iPhones.

Streamlined and simplified communications allows Heartland caregivers to focus on providing care and service, according to Voalté.