Italian oncology center chooses IntraOp for cancer treatment
The Centro di Riferimento Oncologico (CRO) in Aviano, Italy, has selected Mobetron, a portable, self-shielding electron-beam linear accelerator for intraoperative electron radiation therapy (IOERT) developed by IntraOp Medical.

The hospital currently treats primarily sarcoma and pancreatic cancer patients with IOERT.

CRO plans to install the Mobetron in an operating room, where it will be able to treat a variety of other types of cancer with IOERT, including early-stage breast cancer, according to the Sunnvale, Calif.-based IntraOp.

 “We have already started planning work in order to be able to use Mobetron at full throttle as soon as possible after the unit is delivered. With Mobetron we will be able to promote further clinical studies to make IOERT the standard of care for other tumors, not just for breast cancer surgery, like it is already going to be,” said Antonino De Paoli, MD, radiation oncologist coordinator of the IOERT program at the CRO.

Mobetron was donated to CRO by a group of local private entrepreneurs, with the help of Gruppo Oncologico Cooperativo Nord Est and Fondazione CRUP, who were able to acquire the advanced IOERT technology.