Jeff Davis Hospital installs NovaPACS
Fifty-bed Jeff Davis Hospital in rural Hazlehurst, Ga., completed its installation of NovaPACS and NovaRIS interface by NovaRad Corporation. "NovaPACS is a light years jump from our former telerad system," said CEO Rich McClements. The installation was completed in less than five weeks and McClements reports the learning curve for radiologists was minimized due to onsite and remote training.

Because of the NovaPACS architecture, NovaRad was able to customize the PACS to meet the exact needs and budget of this small hospital. NovaRad's remote support also ensures costs remain affordable. Additionally, the system is scalable. NovaPACS can match the growth of Jeff Davis Hospital ensuring that it won't become obsolete. Jeff Davis Hospital completes on average 12,000 of studies per year.