Jobs in healthcare predicted to wane with reimbursement alterations

Healthcare jobs will take a hit as reimbursement shifts, according to a Boston Business Journal report. The transformation in how care is paid for will create new jobs while eliminating others, placing many in danger of losing their employment. If the position increases quality and reduces costs, it will most likely be kept, according to the report.

A shift from inpatient to outpatient care, healthcare consolidation, and increasing complexity are three trends cited for the impending downturn in healthcare jobs. Those in danger of losing their jobs include food service and housekeeping staff, bedside nurses, medical and surgical floors of hospitals, middle managers, and radiologists under fee for service payment arrangement.

Professions in demand will be those in physician group settings, ambulatory surgical centers, home care, nurse practitioners, social workers, mental health personnel, risk managers, and complex medical device trainers. To learn more about the forecasted changes in healthcare occupations, click here.