Kansas City radiology practice cleared of antitrust violations

A Johnson County, Kan., jury has cleared Alliance Radiology, the Kansas City area’s largest radiology practice, of violating state antitrust laws, according to a report from KCUR.

However, the former Alliance employee, Mark E. Idstrom, who originally brought the case against the practice was awarded $718,500 in damages.

Idstrom had alleged that he was fired without cause in 2012 and was unable to find work in the area due to contracts Alliance had with 21 area hospitals, according to KCUR. He was originally seeking $2.5 million for violations of the Kansas Restrain of Trade Act, breach of fiduciary duty and civil conspiracy. The bulk of his damages, representing about 150 percent of his annual pay, came from the civil conspiracy claim. Idstrom also received a nominal award on the breach of fiduciary duty claim, but the jury did not agree with him on the state antitrust claim.

Alliance plans to ask the judge to set aside the damage award, reported KCUR.