Kansas radiologist who posted crude comments and lost Senate bid claims he’s in the clear

Remember the Kansas radiologist who ran for the U.S. Senate and had his campaign undone by, among other things, his posting of gory patient x-rays along with shockingly sardonic comments?

He’s taken to his Facebook wall again—this time to say that the state’s medical board has dropped its investigation into whether those posts violated patient privacy.

Milton Wolf, MD, posts that he is “deeply grateful to all of you for standing by me and standing up to the bullies in Washington and Topeka!”

The post links to Wolf’s personal website, where the announcement is expounded on: “Despite multiple requests over a year and a half, the Board was unable to produce a copy of any complaint against Dr. Wolf or identify a single patient of Dr. Wolf’s who complained to the Board.”

The original flap had more to do with Wolf’s comments than the images, which were taken from exams of anonymous patients.

“What kind of gun blows somebody’s head completely off? I’ve got to get one of those,” he wrote alongside an x-ray of a decapitation.

Wolf, a Republican who had Tea Party backing in challenging Sen. Pat Roberts in last year’s Republican primary, received nearly 41 percent of the vote despite the widely denounced postings. 

After losing, Wolf accused the Kansas medical board of colluding with supporters of Roberts.

In his Aug. 3 website post, he suggests the board only called off its investigation to avoid getting sued.

The Topeka Capital-Journal reports that, when asked if Wolf’s claims are true, Kathleen Lippert, the board’s executive director, said, “It is unknown what he has or has not claimed either in partial or full context.”

Wolf’s Facebook update closes on a provocative note.

“This story,” he writes, “is not over.”