Lahey Clinic taps Eclipsys for enterprise-wide EMRs
The Lahey Clinic in Burlington, Mass., has signed an agreement to implement a range of Eclipsys Sunrise Enterprise clinical solutions to create an enterprise-wide electronic medical record (EMR). The EMR project involves Lahey Clinic's two acute care medical centers and will establish an interoperable platform to leverage a prior investment in an ambulatory EMR solution for Lahey's outpatient settings.

The facility will implement Eclipsys' Sunrise Acute Care, Sunrise Pharmacy and Knowledge-Based Charting solutions to establish an EMR with clinical decision support. All of these solutions reside on the Eclipsys XA extended architecture, an open technology platform that enables healthcare providers to share information securely among disparate systems both inside and outside of the organization, according to Sandy Kurtz, MD, COO, Lahey.

To further realize the benefits of its enterprise-wide EMR technology initiative, Lahey Clinic will begin implementing the Eclipsys Performance Management solution suite to achieve rapid and sustainable improvements in operational efficiency, clinical outcomes and financial performance. The solution suite offers decision support, clinical analytics, and the newly acquired patient flow solution, Sunrise Patient Flow. Lahey Clinic has purchased Sunrise Clinical Analytics, Sunrise EPSi with EPSi Analytics and retains an option to purchase Sunrise Patient Flow, according to Eclipsys.