Medipattern nets 200 breast ultrasound CAD orders in China
China Primary Health Care Foundation (CPHCF) has purchased 200 of Medipattern’s B-CAD systems, as part of a pilot breast-screening program for rural China.

The CPHCF is purchasing equipment for rural hospitals, including B-CAD, as part of their large-scale trial to finalize breast-screening protocol prior to launching their national screening program. The Toronto-based company said that delivery and installation of the first 50 B-CAD software systems will occur during the first quarter of 2009, with subsequent scheduled deliveries in 36 unit increments throughout the first half of 2009.

Medipattern said it will receive a portion of the value of the contract in the form of a down payment, followed by further payments totaling 90 percent of the value of the shipments upon receipt of the software in China. Additional financial and operational details of the transaction were not disclosed due to competitive reasons.

“B-CAD received State FDA certification earlier this year and is now available in Simplified Chinese as well as five other languages including English, Italian, German, Spanish and French,” stated Jeff Collins, CEO of Medipattern.  “Shipments will commence this quarter with training being implemented through the PLA 301 as it rolls the screening strategy out through our partner Beijing Eastwide Medical and the other participants in this program.”