Mississippi updates post-Katrina healthcare with HSRA grant
Coastal Family Health Center of Biloxi, Miss., and the Mississippi HealthSafeNet High Impact EHR Project have selected HealthPort for its regional EMR system deployment.

Organized by Coastal Family Health Center, the members of the HealthSafe Net High Impact EHR Project will collaborate to centrally implement HealthPort EMR to serve the seven-member network, according to the Columbia, S.C.-based HealthPort.

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) recently awarded the HealthSafe Net High Impact EHR Project a $1.4 million grant to implement the project.

“The healthcare community of the Gulf Coast Region is still recovering,” said Chuck Clark, CIO of Coastal Family Health. “Electronic medical records help improve healthcare delivery and protect vital health information from future natural disasters.”
HealthPort said that in addition to EMR technology, the project will include other patient-centered and educational initiatives.