MITA releases dose-related standard

The Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA) has released the XR-29 Standard Attributes on CT Equipment Related to Dose Optimization and Management, also known as MITA Smart Dose.

MITA Smart Dose is a standard that includes four key features of CT equipment that enable optimization or management of radiation dose delivery while maintaining high image quality, according to a release from MITA. The four features identified by MITA are:

  • DICOM Dose Structured Reporting—Structured reporting enables recording of post-exam dose information in a standardized electronic format. The information can be included in the patient record, promoting the establishment of diagnostic reference levels, as well as facility dose management and quality assurance.
  • CT Dose Check—Dose notifications and dose alerts warn operators and physicians when dose exceeds stable thresholds.
  • Automatic Exposure Controls—Automated technology can adjust the amount of radiation within prescribed bounds as needed to achieve the desired image quality.
  • Pediatric and adult reference protocols—Pre-loaded parameters on a CT system that can be selected by the operator to complete a particular clinical task, such as capturing an image of the abdomen. 

The XR-29 standard is the fourth dose-related standard to be released by MITA since 2010.