N.J. hospital installs Medtronic O-Arm imaging system
Monmouth Medical Center, an affiliate of the Saint Barnabas Health Care System, has implemented the O-Arm imaging system, a device that can take CT scan images of the body during surgery, manufactured by Breakaway Imaging and distributed by Medtronic.

"Using the O-Arm and the Stealth Station together results in a sort of global positioning system for the spine. The surgeon can view a monitor to ensure that placement of screws into the spine are essentially perfect every time," said David Estin, MD, Monmouth. The greater accuracy afforded by the O-Arm's imaging capability in the operating room, allows the procedure to be completed with less risk to the patient.

Before the procedure is completed, the O-Arm can generate a final 3D CT scan of the spine to check the position of the hardware. In less than 30 seconds, it will take almost 400 images, which are reconstructed on a flat panel monitor for the surgeon to review, according to Estin.