N.Y. hospital to deploy McKesson?s Horizon Clinicals Suite
A.O. Fox Memorial Hospital located in Oneonta, N.Y., has launched an initiative to implement advanced healthcare IT from McKesson Provider Technologies as a key component in driving enhanced patient safety and clinical excellence.

Under terms of the agreement, Fox will implement the Horizon Clinicals suite of healthcare IT solutions along with McKesson’s pharmacy automation technologies. Combined, the solutions will automate key hospital functions and create “paperless” EHRs that span both inpatient and outpatient settings in the community it serves.

The single, secure EHR system will enable Fox’s attending nurses, physicians and other members of the care team to quickly review the latest patient information across hospital departments – from the emergency room to the patient’s bedside – while extending digital information access into participating physician offices, according to McKesson.

Fox will also deploy McKesson’s Horizon Ambulatory Care EHR solution; emergency department information system; clinical decision support and computerized physician order entry solution, Horizon Expert Orders; as well as McKesson's Horizon Surgical Manager solution.