Oklahoma facility goes digital with Carestream
The Indian HealthCare Resource Center (IHCRC) in Tulsa, Okla., has ordered a Carestream RIS/PACS, a Directview DR 7500 digital radiography system and a Carestream Dryview 5850 printer from Carestream Health to convert from film and paper to a digital workflow, as part of an expansion that will bring the size of the main clinic to 52,000 square feet.

In the past, film studies from the center would be driven across town each day for reading by Diagnostic Imaging Associates’ radiologists at Oklahoma State University of Tulsa. Now digital imaging studies and radiology reports will be communicated electronically, according to Carestream, of Rochester, N.Y.

IHCRC also ordered a Carestream Dryview 5850 Laser Imager to allow patients to carry their film exams to healthcare providers that do not have digital display capabilities, Carestream added.