Philips Medical Systems installs first 40-slice CT at Indiana University Hospital

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The facility, which is part of Clarion Health Partners, has installed Philips Brilliance 40-slice CT system. This is the first global, clinical installation for the system.

Indiana University Hospital will use the scanner to study cardiac patients, as well as for imaging the chest and abdomen. The 40-slice CT has an expanded scanning coverage of 40-mm and increased data acquisition of 40 slices per rotation. The system permits regions of the patient's body to be imaged in shorter breath holds.

According to Philips, the system allows clinicians to scan the lungs in four seconds, the abdomen and pelvis in nine seconds and a whole body CTA (computed tomography angiography) exam can be performed in 15 seconds. Additionally, a whole body scan can be executed in 35 seconds.

Philips first revealed initial clinical results of the CT system at the RSNA 2003 and more recently the clinical capabilities of the system were presented at a symposium at the European Congress of Radiology in Vienna.