In-progress Australian university hospital selects Elekta
Elekta has been selected as the main provider of a suite of cancer and neurosurgical treatment solutions, as well as supporting IT systems, to the new Macquarie University Private Hospital in Killara, Australia, which is currently under construction.

Included in the project, are the Leksell Gamma Knife Perfexion for non-invasive radiosurgery, Elekta Synergy digital linear accelerator systems for intensity modulated and image guided radiation therapy, the Mosaiq information management system, Mosaiq RTP and Ergo++ for radiation treatment planning, as well as Elekta's 3mm micro-MLC for radiation therapy.

Macquarie, incorporating The Australian School of Advanced Medicine, together with Dalcross Private Hospital have launched a project in a collaborative effort to improve access to radiosurgery and radiation therapy for patients in Sydney and across Australia's New South Wales region.

The Dalcross Private Hospital in Killara, Australia, currently operates a facility that specializes in ophthalmology, neurosurgery, vascular surgery and ear nose and throat surgery. Starting mid-2009, Dalcross Hospital will also operate The Macquarie University Private Hospital, a joint venture with Macquarie University and its Australian School of Advanced Medicine, and which is currently being built on the university grounds. The center aims at improving both access and quality of radiation therapy and radiosurgery services in the Sydney area, according to Elekta.