Providence Medical Center treats patients using Varian's Trilogy

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Providence Medical Center in Kansas City has treated its first patients using Varian Medical Systems' Trilogy system.
Providence physicians used the new Trilogy system during its first six weeks of operation to treat six patients with image-guided radiosurgery (IGRS), an ultra-precise treatment that uses real-time X-ray imaging capabilities to target cancer and neurological lesions.

The patients range in age from 40 to 67, and were treated for a broad range of conditions, including: brain metastases (in a lung cancer and a melanoma cancer patient), acoustic neuroma, arteriovenous malformation, glioblastoma, and and a metastatic lesion in the sternum, which appeared in a patient being treated for squamous cell cancer of the tonsil.
Varian's high-powered Trilogy linear accelerator is a machine that rotates around the patient to deliver radiation beams from many angles. The system is able to concentrate radiation doses on the tumor while protecting surrounding healthy tissue.

To enhance treatment precision, the Trilogy accelerator is equipped with a multi-leaf collimator that shapes beams to match the shape of the tumor, and an On-Board Imager device for real-time tumor tracking and automated patient positioning.