Radiology exams ordered online at DFCI
Medicalis Corp. has installed its web-based Percipio electronic decision support and order entry system at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) in Boston, Mass., for radiology testing.

According to Medicalis, DFCI healthcare providers can order diagnostic imaging tests online and use check boxes to enter signs, symptoms and differential diagnoses. Information entered is cross referenced with a clinical decision support knowledgebase, providing safety and advice which the order placer can use to change the test as warranted, Medicalis said. Completed orders can then be scheduled at any DFCI affiliated radiology clinic and transmitted electronically to provide clear and legible requisition information.

In addition, Medicalis said radiology clinics now receive complete requisitions including indications in the form of ICD-9 codes, which better target testing procedures and improves reimbursement of tests that are ordered. Order placers can then view final reports online using Percipio report management functionality.