Rawson: 'An unprecedented groundswell of desire’ to help improve the patient experience

Working with patients in all sorts of settings for more than a quarter of a century has taught radiologist James Rawson, MD, how valuable the insights of healthcare consumers can be to healthcare providers.

This week, taking to the blog of the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), Rawson—imaging chair at the Medical College of Georgia, chair of the ACR’s new patient-experience commission and one of radiology’s most followed Twitterers—reflects on what he’s learned and fleshes out ways clinicians and researchers can better engage patients and their families.

Of the ACR’s new commission, which launched last July and focuses on families as well as patients, he writes:

“Since the announcement of the commission, I have seen an unprecedented groundswell of desire to participate in it. The emails and calls I get from radiology professionals often say ‘I’ve been waiting for this to happen,’ or ‘This is important to me. It’s where my heart is’ (emphasis added). Over 50 volunteers have been recruited from a variety of stakeholder communities.”

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