RemedyMD announces its SMART software

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RemedyMD, a provider of practice-specific, web-based software, this week announced the industry's first suite of SMART software product suite, which includes the RemedyMD EHR, RemedyMD myHealthManager, and RemedyMD OutcomeTrack.

The software's tools are able to track data and recognize trends for increased accuracy. Patients also are able to access their own secure records, monitor their own health conditions and maintain dialogue with their doctors via the internet, the company said.

Specifically, the suite provides:
  • Specialty and disease specific data capture so that only relevant information is captured, displayed, and analyzed;
  • Software tools that let patients become more involved in managing their conditions and modifying their behavior;
  • Aggregated clinical and research information across hundreds of practices;
  • Time savings; and
  • Trackable outcomes and recognizes patterns via predictive informatics which enable RemedyMD to make information-based inferences and enable physicians and patients to take preemptive action.
The company hopes that its SMART technology enables a new breed of electronic health records. The RemedyMD EHR captures relevant information from a specific medical specialty and analyzes trends and patterns, enabling physicians to more effectively treat patients, the company said.