RSNA game plan … or more?

Next week, many of us in imaging will be taking a deep breath, completing a final survey of the practice management and clinical landscape while simultaneously finalizing a game plan for RSNA. The savviest among us have devised a strategy not just for RSNA but for the coming year and beyond.

The adjective "overwhelming" fails to describe the massiveness of RSNA. With nearly 3,000 presentations and poster sessions and hundreds of vendors, it is impossible to take it all in. Thus, strategic thinking and business intelligence are essential and serve as the building block for a RSNA game plan.

Where is your practice headed in the next year? What are its top priorities? As practice leaders look beyond the immediate issues and consider the next five years, what are the key challenges?

The bevy of practice targets, like RSNA itself, is overwhelming. Does the practice want to consider a new service line? Build stronger relationships with referring physicians? Own the local patient-centric market? Play a key role in an accountable care organization? Each priority is important; effectively honing and addressing this variety of goals requires a strategic plan.

RSNA is an ideal forum for informing the strategic plan … when RSNA is approached strategically.

Health Imaging has strived to provide ongoing information in a variety of formats to help radiology stakeholders develop game plans for RSNA and their practices. This includes our print magazine, online daily newsletter, RSNA previews, monthly topic eNewsletters and more.   

As you consider your plans for RSNA and your practice, please let us know if we have met our objective. How can we Health Imaging refine our strategic plan and better meet your needs?

We’re eager to hear from you. Feel free to check in to share your thoughts by email or at the Health Imaging booth (#3200) at RSNA.

Best wishes for a productive RSNA!

Lisa Fratt, editor