Sectra: HIT supplier for UK initiative, deploys PACS to three Norwegian hospitals

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Swedish IT and medical technology company Sectra Imtec AB has signed a 10-year contract with Philips Medical Systems Nederland B.V. for delivery of its PACS software for the London cluster of the National Health Service's (NHS) National Programme for Information Technology (NPfIT).
The National Programme for IT is being implemented in five regional clusters, Sectra said. The London cluster comprises the NHS hospitals in the London region. Sectra will be subcontracting its software to Philips for deliveries of PACS to this region under a separate agreement between BT, the designated local service provider for the London cluster, and Philips Medical Systems.
The contract is part of a major government initiative to dramatically increase the level of investments in IT within the NHS, Sectra said.
In related company news, Sectra announced that it signed a $1 million contract with SØrlandet Sykehus HF in Norway for the installation of Sectra's system for handling and archiving of digital radiology images (PACS) at three hospitals in the county of Vest-Agder.
The hospitals in Kristiansand, Mandal and Flekke fjord will be installing Sectra PACS. The order represents an expansion of Sectra's existing agreement, under which Arendal Hospital in the county of Aust-Agder is already using the same system.
Installation of the new system will begin next month.