Siemens furnishes London hospital with Somatom CT scanner
BMI The London Independent Hospital has installed the United Kingdom’s first Somatom Definition AS+ CT scanner from Siemens. 

The company said its system is an adaptive scanner suited to any patient, from pediatric to bariatric. The Somatom Definition AS+ can quickly obtain cardiac imaging with 128 slices per rotation and with a temporal resolution of 150ms.

Siemens said the ‘adaptive 4D spiral’ capabilities of the Definition AS+ give whole organ coverage in 4D for stroke or tumor perfusion, providing clinicians the complete picture instead of preselecting a narrow section to evaluate for perfusion defects.

The Definition AS+ is compact in design, with a footprint of 18m_, according to Siemens. 

The BMI London Independent Hospital is part of BMI Healthcare, a private hospital group with more than 50 acute-care hospitals in England.