Siemens installs HD-PET technology at UT Southwestern Medical Center
Siemens Healthcare has completed the first clinical installation of its high definition (HD)-PET technology at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. 

The facility will leverage the new Biograph 40 TruePoint PET-CT system's HD-PET technology to offer consistently sharper and clearly defined images across the entire field of view, Siemens said.

Patients treated at UT Southwestern will benefit from the HD-PET/CT technology because their physicians will be able to more confidently delineate small lesions.

By utilizing a proprietary technology, the company said that HD-PET can provide high resolution, distortion-free images throughout the entire PET field of view. This improved 2 mm resolution enables physicians to clearly visualize small lesions, from the center to the edges, Siemens said.

Adding high definition to PET systems also dramatically enhances contrast, according to Siemens. The improvement in signal to noise, which effectively doubles, reveals sharper and clearer images that allow the clinician to better differentiate between healthy and suspicious tissue, which could be useful in cases of obese patients.