Siemens launches U.K. MR collaboration, scientific support team
Siemens Healthcare has created a new MR collaboration and scientific support team to support the development of collaboration partnerships with researchers in the United Kingdom to further clinical and methodological MR development.

The research agreements allow the customer to modify the existing sequence source code to support imaging and research projects, according to the company. Headed by collaboration manager, Patrick Revell and Craig Buckley, MD, the newly formed MR team will provide U.K. support with pulse sequence coding and system development to ensure that the in-house research teams are equipped with Siemens backup.

“Collaborative initiatives like these will yield some techniques that are commercially viable and that can then be developed into new products delivering benefits to the wider medical community. This two-way approach will therefore help to progress MR-based research in basic science and spearhead new clinical techniques,” said Patrick Revell, collaboration manager of the MR team at Siemens.

The scientific support team will provide local support and secure links between Siemens developers and U.K. research institutions to create a sound partnership for developing scientific investigations, Siemens said. Collaboration agreements already exist at research institutions including the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre and the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit; both located in Cambridge, England.