The sky is falling: Not

I’m certain all of us have heard echoes of Chicken Little both in radiology departments and among experts, as imaging leaders and colleagues cluck about impending doomsday. Whether it’s ICD-10, Meaningful Use, bundled payments, teleradiology or any of the scores of issues impacting radiology practices, there is no shortage of fodder for the pessimistic.

It’s a challenge to embrace an alternate view—that these calamities represent opportunity. However, this approach is essential for success.

Resisting or actively opposing these trends merely delays the inevitable. The savviest practices are observing, learning and preparing for future scenarios that are dramatically different from today’s models.

As you scroll through Health Imaging’s picks for RSNA Hot Topics, consider the opportunities for practice improvement rather than the threats to practice survival. The approach is challenging but should serve you well.

The editorial staff at Health Imaging strives to support opportunistic practices. As we’re planning and executing our editorial coverage, we’re identifying challenges and connecting with thought leaders and practice innovators who have succeeded in the realistic, practical path and embraced change. Whether they have aggressively pursued CT dose reduction strategies, attested for Meaningful Use or taken the lead on decision support and appropriate utilization, these practices provide outstanding models for their colleagues.

As you plan for RSNA 2012 and beyond, please let us know how you are responding to the pessimists in the henhouse. What strategies are working and where do you need a helping hand? Please let us know.

Be sure to check back for RSNA coverage beginning online Nov. 25 and continuing daily through RSNA 2012, as well as in our December Health Imaging newsletters and January/February issue of Health Imaging magazine.

Let’s not forget—happy Thanksgiving and safe travels!

Lisa Fratt, editor