Spanish hospital selects iSoft, SpeechMagic to create single clinical office
The Nuestra Señora de Fátima Hospital in Vigo, Spain, is using the iSoft hospital information system x-HIS as a global solution for managing clinical and administrative patient information to support and optimize its hospital management model.

The health professionals at the hospital are trying to create a single clinical office where doctors and nurses can access functionalities from a single product, from admissions to the operating room, according to iSoft.

To facilitate immediate patient data access, the hospital in 2007 integrated SpeechMagic, the speech recognition technology from Philips Speech Recognition Systems with x-HIS, streamlining processes and raising the quality of care, the company said.

“The most important benefits we noticed in the hospital after the implementation are the financial and the resource savings and the fact that we can deliver the reports to patients and companies in real time. But the speed with which the doctors receive diagnostic reports is by far the biggest improvement,” said José Ramón Santamaría, Managing Director of Nuestra Señora de Fátima Hospital.