St. Joseph signs eWebHealth for patient record workflow
St. Joseph’s Hospital, a 325-bed acute care hospital in Parkersburg, W.Va., has selected eWebHealth’s eWebHIM suite of medical record workflow technology as its electronic legal health record (e-LHR).

St. Joseph’s will use the eWebHIM technology suite to digitize all paper components of its LHRs, according to the Reading, Mass.-based eWebHealth. The Web-based system will allow for simultaneous access to medical records for all authorized departmental users, the health IT company said.

The eWebHIM platform supports interoperability with hospital IT systems, allowing the providers to integrate e-LHR technology with their clinical EHR strategies, the company said. The eWebHIM suite is delivered via a software-as-a-service model for remote record access, implementation and includes:
  • eWebCoding: Tools to eliminate coding backlogs;
  • eWebView: Access to patient records via the Internet;
  • eWebCompletion: Supports electronic deficiency analysis, assignment, routing, monitoring and reporting;and
  • eWebSignature: Allows clinicians to edit and sign off on patient charts wherever and whenever they have Internet access.