Stamford Hospital adopts SmartRoom
Stamford Hospital, a 305-bed teaching facility in Stamford, Conn., will soon provide SmartRoom technology in every patient room.

Launched three years ago at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), and funded by IBM, SmartRoom uses real-time location tracking services (RTLS) devices and other technology to bring patient information from the EMR and other data sources. The information, including problem lists, allergies, medications and lab results, are displayed on a flat-screen monitor at the patient's bedside. 

Nurses and other care aides can document patient vital signs and complete tasks through the touch-screen monitor, ensuring the EMR is updated as patient care is provided. SmartRoom also allows patients to identify physicians, nurses and other caregivers as they enter the room; their names and roles are displayed on the monitor visible to the patient. Patients also can view daily tests and procedure schedules, watch educational videos and receive e-mail and photos from family and friends.

As part of the arrangement, IBM will install the technology, providing system integration, RTLS design, as well as other software and services.

As a wholly-owned business unit of UPMC, SmartRoom designed and tested its technology at the 20-hospital UPMC academic medical center. UPMC Montefiore is the first UPMC facility to deploy the technology hospital-wide and is expected to complete its implementation in early 2012.