Survey says...MDs aren’t happy

“Discontent.” “Disconnected.” “Dissatisfied.” These are the words that stick out when scanning a report on physician satisfaction from Alpharetta, Ga.-based Jackson Healthcare.

The report, titled “Filling the Void: 2013 Physician Outlook & Practice Trends,” reveals the results of a national survey conducted in March, and demonstrates that physicians are, in general, not happy with the state of their chosen profession.

Some findings from the report include:

  • 59 percent of those surveyed would be unlikely to recommend the medical profession to a young person.
  • Just 16 percent have a generally favorable outlook of their own careers. More than twice as many had a generally negative outlook.
  • 42 percent reported being dissatisfied overall.

The survey perhaps offers some advice on how to stay happy in medicine by outlining which physicians still had a favorable outlook. Satisfied physicians were more likely to be employed rather than have ownership stake in a practice, have support from nurse practitioners or physicians assistants and practice “concierge medicine.”

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