Teleradiology dives into online auction pool
New online teleradiology bidding may drive down the costs. Image Source: University of California Health System  
Houston radiologist Daniel Roubein, MD, has launched the Telerays network, a website where teleradiology interpretations will be auctioned off to the lowest bidder.

Roubein, founder of Telerays and CEO of Radiology Reading Centers of America, which is an online reading room that offers final interpretations of radiologic studies, said that network builds on the reading room concept by adding an online auction capability.

To start the bidding process, clients post their requests and all pre-qualified radiologists receive an email invitation to bid, Telerays said. The lowest bidder wins the contract, downloads the cases and uploads the final radiology reports. There should be no diagnosis delays because the bidding process is settled months in advance, according to the company.

Telerays said its processes are HIPAA compliant and protect private health information.  Credentialing can take from seven to 30 days and there is no membership fee for doctors or clients. Only radiologists pre-approved by the hospital and imaging centers and fully credentialed with Telerays can bid on the contracts.