Tenn. hospital installs Siemens CV and neuro systems
Methodist University Hospital has installed Siemens Healthcare Artis zeego and Artis zee biplane imaging technologies in its new neurovascular and cardiovascular center.

Artis zeego incorporates a robotic C-arm to allow physicians to move the imaging system instead of the patient, allowing unrestricted positioning and the ability to acquire images from a variety of positions, according to Erlangen, Germany-based Siemens.

The Artis zeego also will enable Methodist University Hospital to perform minimally invasive percutaneous valve repair, once a device for that procedure is approved by the FDA, according to Siemens. In addition, Artis zeego will be used for stroke care research and development.

Artis zee biplane imaging system creates images of soft tissue, such as brain tissue, which helps detect intracranial hemorrhages, visualize brain tissue and enable physicians to make therapeutic decisions. This saves time for stroke patients by providing physicians anatomical images in the interventional suite, so they can immediately begin interventional treatment, according to Siemens.

At Memphis-based Methodist University Hospital, physicians will use the system to perform minimally invasive neurovascular procedures such as clot removal, aneurysm repair and treatment of arteriovenous malformations, carotid artery blockages, brain and neck tumors and intracranial hemorrhages.

Artis zee incorporates x-ray detectors that provide 3D images from any direction to help physicians visualize interventional devices, such as guide wires and catheters. The system eliminates repositioning of the patient in the exam room and reduces the length of a procedure by at least 50 percent, Siemens said.