TeraRecon launches EVAR in the cloud
TeraRecon will now offer its Aquarius iNtuition 3D endograft planning suite through iNtuition CLOUD – iNtuition as an Internet-based service advanced visualization software as a cloud computing platform and will demonstrate its iNtuition Cloud at the 37th Annual VEITH Symposium, Nov. 17 to 21, in New York City.

TeraRecon's iNtuition EVAR suuite is utilized for endovascular planning, pre-operative assessment, device selection and post-operative surveillance on local client computers. iNtuition Cloud will expand access to the program to a greater number of physicians due to its lower equipment costs, standalone capability and per-user limited licensing, according to Foster City, Calif.-based TeraRecon.

iNtuition’s EVAR suite can be also installed to run standalone when not connected to the Internet on a laptop computer without requiring any specialized graphic card support, added TeraRecon.

iNtuition Cloud can be viewed using iNtuition client as well as on mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Android using AquariusWeb, which requires no proprietary software downloads. According to TeraRecon, AquariusWeb enables integration with electronic health records (EHRs) and personal health records (PHRs).