Top 25 Connected Facilities: The Refining of Radiology

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This year’s Top 25 Connected Facilities are an impressive group that has extended the reach of images from PACS to the EMR, either via links to key images or full image sets. Many extend PACS and EMR access to referring physicians and share data with a health information exchange (HIE) internally and/or externally. They are reaping across-the-board benefits—accelerating and improving patient care with anytime/anywhere access to patient data, virtual subspecialty interpretation and razor-thin report turn-around times that hover near 15 minutes for STAT studies. They are cutting costs, increasing productivity and fueling growth.

Although 17 of the top 25 are located East of the Mississippi River, there is a great deal of diversity among winners. Academic medical centers are well-represented as are large, regional and community health delivery networks, but the top connected group includes a rural community hospital that completes fewer than 100,000 studies annually, an imaging center group and two physician group practices.

Interoperability is the common denominator. Many hospitals, health systems and healthcare providers are investing smart by building vendor-neutral archives, developing unified worklists and deploying server virtualization. Others are squeezing every penny out of PACS by sharing services with other providers, refining radiology workflow and sharing resources with other hospital departments.

Read on for complete profiles of this year’s winners.

The Fine Print

Online nominations were accepted from June 7th through July 2nd. The ballot included 19 multiple response questions and two open response questions. Nominations required the input of senior-level IT executives  such as CIOs, chief medical or clinical information officers, chief technology officers, medical informatics officers, VPs of information systems and directors of IT. Among the factors differentiating the  winners are integration of PACS and EMR, HIE access to images, the number of physicians and referring physicians with remote access to  clinical images and patient data, the number of methods for physician  access, the number and breadth of clinical IT systems deployed, the number of departments that share patient data and images with the EMR  and PACS, the number of imaging technologies that share images and information with PACS and the economic and clinical impact of greater  physician connectivity with images and patient data.

Advanced Radiology Consultants | Trumbull, Conn. |


Advanced Radiology Consultants extends connectivity to referring providers. The imaging center supports three different interfaces in three separate EMRs to send results and images directly to the patient folder in the EMR and also electronically communicates critical values to referring physicians’ cell phones.

The practice recently expanded IT services to provide a unified worklist and structured reporting to support two disassociated hospitals and eight imaging centers. The IT upgrade delivers the clinical throughput needed to maintain productivity and quality at all sites. Advanced Radiology Consultants is leveraging