UPMC selects Initiate EMPI for future wellness
The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) has deployed the Initiate enterprise master person index (EMPI) for all of the center’s current source systems, to support its growing reporting and analytical needs.

The Initiate EMPI enables the center to create an accurate and complete view of more than 8 million records across 17 distinct sources and 1.8 million weekly HL7 transactions, according to UPMC.

“We are focused on the fact that this will improve patient care, safety and efficiency, all of which are difficult to quantify,” Julie A. Prough, client services manager at the UPMC told Health Imaging News. “For instance, we now can quickly identify patient records that incorrectly share the same identification number. That means that two patients’ information, such as medications and allergies, may have been intermingled in a single record. This allows us to avoid potentially negative effects on patient care and minimizes the clean-up efforts in downstream systems.”