U.S. sees surge in ultrasound sales
The U.S. compact ultrasound market saw a spike in sales in 2010, growing by 21 percent over the previous year and reaching a total value of $276 million, according to a report published by Harvey Klein, PhD, president of Klein Biomedical Consultants.

The report projected 11 percent growth in the global ultrasound market over the next five years, driven by stronger sales in the U.S., to total $1.1 billion by 2015. The U.S. market is anticipated to account for $505 million of projected world sales.

The 21 percent surge in compact ultrasound sales represented the largest segment of the overall market, accounting for $276 million in 2010 and outpacing overall ultrasound growth. The report, titled “The U.S. Market for Compact Ultrasound Systems: Challenges & Opportunities – 2010,” defined compact ultrasound devices as any systems weighing less than 14 pounds.

Cardiology, emergency medicine, radiology/vascular, anesthesiology and musculoskeletal led the compact sales market with the vast majority of purchases. The report attributed much of this growth to advances in handheld units, which were projected to reach $78 million by 2015.

The SonoSite's M-Turbo, Philips Healthcare's CX50, GE Healthcare's Logiq e and the Zonare Medical Systems' z.one made up 62 percent of compact ultrasound sales. These four companies control a combined 78 percent of the overall ultrasound market, the report found.

The market research and consulting firm Klein Biomedical Consultants, which developed the report and is based in New York City, did not include sales to the veterinary or service industries.