Utah DOH deploys Informatica technology for data tracking
The Utah Department of Health (DOH) has implemented data integration software provider Informatica’s Informatica Identity Resolution as a component of its All Payer Database (APD) project, a healthcare reform effort in the state.

Utah's APD project, funded by the state legislature and entrusted to the Office of Healthcare Statistics, collects claims data submitted by multiple healthcare insurance payors and prepares it for analysis. APD also tracks individuals as they move between different healthcare plans, both public and private.

Informatica Identity Resolution enables Utah DOH to eliminate duplicate records and match, link and group datasets, the Redwood City, Calif.-based Informatica stated.

Powered by the Informatica Identity Resolution, the APD currently contains more than 150 million records -- medical, pharmacy and laboratory service claims from private insurance companies and public health organizations, the company added.