Utah passes RA licensure bill
Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert has signed House Bill 238 into law, making Utah the 29th state to license, regulate or recognize the radiologist assistant (RA) as a member of the radiology healthcare team.

This statute, which took effect on March 18, establishes licensure and continuing education requirements for RAs, defines the scope of practice and amends the current membership of the state’s Radiologic Technologist Licensing Board to include one licensed RA. The bill also allows for individuals certified by the Certification Board of Radiology Practitioner Assistants to be licensed as RAs.

Under the new law, RAs in Utah will be allowed to:
  • Assess and evaluate the physiological responsiveness of patients undergoing radiologic procedures.
  • Evaluate image quality, make initial observations and communicate observations to the supervising radiologist.
  • Administer contrast media or other medications prescribed by the supervising radiologist.
  • Perform radiologic procedures under the indirect supervision of a radiologist.

RAs are radiologist extenders who have completed an advanced medical imaging academic program encompassing a curriculum and a radiologist-directed clinical preceptorship. RAs are certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT).