Visage Imaging
Visage Imaging (Booth 7139) is showcasing new applications on its Visage CS thin client visualization system.

The company is demonstrating several improvements as well as new tools for clinical applications, such as CT/MR angiography, stent graft planning, cardiac analysis, neuroradiology, oncology, and virtual colonography.

The firm says its Visage Thin Client solution offers advantages over the traditional PACS/workstation combination that requires imaging facilities to purchase, install, maintain, and update each workstation individually. With the Visage solution, imaging centers can purchase and maintain one server-based system without worrying about the cost and upkeep of multiple workstations. The server system also can be scaled to grow with increasing imaging demands.

Although the Visage CS solution has a strong focus on radiology, it also goes one step further to provide surgeons, neurologists, and other referring physicians with efficient access to original 3D data so they can do their own reformations and post-processing.

Visage also fosters new, efficient workflow scenarios by linking email messaging in live “work sessions,” sharing key images and post-processing results, giving data recipients more flexibility for reviewing the results, and facilitating communication across multiple departments and physical locations.