DR & CR Offerings Aim to Transform X-ray Imaging

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Years ago, digital x-ray imagers had a stark choice between computed radiography (CR) and digital radiography (DR). But that distinction between the capture technologies has waned and the offerings from vendors in either category can satisfy even the most finicky buyer. A variety of vendors are debuting game-changing technologies, such as wireless digital detectors designed to increase the flexibility of digital studies. Enhancements for full-field digital mammography and hardware modifications that make the units more bariatric-friendly also will be on display. You’ll find the menu of digital radiography enhancements and offerings far more plentiful than in recent years. Radiology’s bread and butter is back in the limelight.

Agfa HealthCare (Booth 4800) is highlighting the NX—Agfa’s standard CR workstation for image identification and quality control—that comprises a standalone CR/DR workstation and software designed for use at the point-of-care. Agfa also is featuring its SE software Suite—SE Server, SE Client and SE Standalone. These provide the tools to store, manipulate, manage and digitally output acquired images, for both CR and other modalities. Another highlight is the DX-S CR system, a low-dose system designed for pediatric and neonatal applications.

Biospace med (Booth 2038) is introducing its recently FDA-cleared EOS ultra-low radiation dose x-ray imager along with its new image workstation, sterEOS, which enables 3D skeletal reconstruction.
sterEOS 3D is currently commercially available in Europe and Canada for spine, and is cleared in the U.S. for adult spine patients over 16 years of age.

Canon Medical Systems
(Booth 8313) is showcasing the latest addition to its family of DR systems. The Canon CXDI-60G is a portable, cassette-type, flat-panel detector that is less than an inch thick and weighs 5.9 pounds. In addition, the company is displaying the Canon CXDI-50G portable DR system which has a thin, light-weight design and an imaging area of 14 x 17 inches. The Canon CXDI-40EC DR System, which features the LANMIT 8, is equipped with a 17 x 17-inch imaging area.

Carestream Health (Booth 8342) is debuting a wireless, cassette-size DR detector that can be used with existing wall stand or table-based Buckys. The Carestream DRX-1 System, currently a works in progress, is expected to be available during the first quarter of 2009. It incorporates a console and a wireless 14 x 17 inch (35 x 43 cm) cassette-size detector.

CMT Medical Technologies (Booth 3259) is introducing several new lines of products, based on the PrestoDR that include a baseline unit, the DR Elite, OmniX and GeminiX.

The PrestoDR is a family of DR solutions, available in a variety of dual/single configurations, including PrestoDR Elite—a single-detector upright system, optimized for chest applications; the PrestoDR OmniX—a single detector, multi-purpose universal arm system covering all radiographic examinations; and the PrestoDR GeminiX—a dual-detector solution.

Del Medical Systems Group
(Booth 4234) is featuring its family of full-field, portable DR flat panels. The Gemini 1000, Gemini 1400 and Gemini 1700 models can be integrated into Del’s tables, allowing upgrades or field retrofits to digital imaging systems.

Exxim Computing Corporation (Booth 4741), through its Animage business unit, is spotlighting its Fidex prototype, a multi-modality diagnostic imaging system designed for use in companion animal veterinary practice and research environments. This system combines CT for 3D imaging/visualization, DR, CR and fluoroscopy. Fidex is projected to be available during the third quarter of 2009. 

Fujifilm Medical Systems (Booth 4039) is unveiling its works in progress Unity SpeedSuite-fp. This DR system can perform a variety of exams with a single detector, providing the same clinical flexibility and productivity as its predecessor, but now with Fujifilm’s patented Focused Phosphor Detector Technology. The Unity SpeedSuite-fp is not yet FDA 510(k) cleared for sale in the U.S.

GE Healthcare (Booth 4839) is showcasing a range of radiography systems to match clinical applications and solutions from stationary and dedicated chest units to mobile DR using GE’s Revolution digital detector. The Definium 5000, introduced at RSNA last year, which is a floor-mounted DR system that incorporates the Revolution digital flat-panel detector technology measuring 41 x 41 cm, along with a U-arm that can fit into smaller rooms without