Aurora Imaging Technology
The Aurora 1.5T dedicated bilateral breast MRI system  
Aurora Imaging Technology (Booth 423) is unveiling AuroraEdge technology which is exclusive to the Aurora 1.5 Tesla dedicated breast MRI system. The company says the new technology improves image resolution and reduces common breast MRI artifacts, resulting in the production of crystal clear images of both breasts, axillae, chest wall and mediastinum in a single bilateral scan.

AuroraEdge’s features include 3D image reconstruction matrix 512 x 512 x 250 slices; 0.7 mm slice thickness; acquires a 3D volume, offering isotropic true 0.7 mm resolution in all three planes; less than three minutes per scan (18 minutes total patient scan time); post-contrast time points obtained at intervals of 90 seconds, 4.5 minutes, 7.5 minutes and 10.5 minutes; suppression of in-plane and slice wrap effects; and suppression of cardiac motion effects.